Wedding Albums

As your photographer, I want you to be able to make the most of your professional photographs and I can’t stress enough the importance of the investment you make in your finished wedding photographs.

While I do give the option to supply the image files I prefer to be able to provide you with a beautifully finished product to showcase your images, a valuable keepsake to remember that day by forever, your wedding albums.  Simply opting for the files mean’s you often don’t get to sit down to relish in and enjoy the memories you have from looking through the physical photos presented in an album.  After all you have paid me to create these beautiful images with you, why not let me complete the creative process and present these to you in a beautifully finished product.  Creating wedding albums is all part of my specialty as a photographer and part of the service I offer you and ideally I would like to supply your collection of beautiful imagery in the form of an album or an art piece for you to display in your home.

As a professional I always use a reputable professional level lab for printing and this ensures I can control the quality and reproduction of your prints.  When supplying digital files some of this control is lost, meaning the printed results you get yourself can vary from the final intended look as processed by myself.  As an industry professional I have access to suppliers with unique products which I can then offer my clients as beautiful ways to display your images.

Queensberry are in my opinion, by far the industry leaders when it comes to album quality and are my preferred album supplier. Queensberry create treasured objects to reflect and express people’s memories in the form of exquisite, bespoke, handmade photographic albums and books.

Queensberry Wedding Album

Queensberry Wedding Albums

Queensberry Classic Album

Queensberry Classic Album

Queensberry Classic Album