About Me

I’m not just a wedding photographer.  In fact I am a photographer of weddings,  pets and lifestyle.  Having always been an avid animal lover, since moving to Melbourne from Wellington in 2010 I also decided to start www.erinkingpetphotography.com.au and provide pet photography which captures the joy, love and laughter your share with your pet.

In general my photographic style is lifestyle based – fun, natural, modern and creative.  My wedding photography aims to capture the fun, love, laughter and happiness of your wedding day in a relaxed and casual fashion.

Why pets and weddings you may ask yourself…well I started out photographing weddings and have been now for 8 years, both in Wellington, NZ, Melbourne and Island Destinations.  However since getting my own pet, Peanut and moving to Melbourne 4 years ago I was inspired to incorporate my love of animals into my photography.  I’ve always been an avid animal lover and animal rights supporter and my love for Peanut has shown me how important it is to have beautiful portraits of your pets to forever remember them and the happiness they brought you.

To find out more information about my pet photography sessions please visit my website here.

To find out more information about my wedding photography packages please visit my website here.

To get to know a bit more about me here’s some things I’d like to share…

  • I’m a NZ’er and proud of it, still getting hassled for my “fush und chups” accent in Australia
  • I LOVE animals!
  • I LOVE to travel! I caught the travel bug on my first ever Europe tour in 09 and in 2013 spent 5 months traveling around the world.  I plan to do at least some travel every year, this year will be a destination wedding in Hawaii.
  • Your more likely to find me in jeans and chucks than dresses and heels.
  • I don’t take myself too seriously
  • I love to laugh…a lot
  • I am definitely NOT a morning person, I do really love my sleep ins and late cafe brunches.
  • I love Nancybird handbags and Melissa Pop shoes –  I tend to collect items like shoes and handbags and never use them because they might spoil.  Weird I know.
  • I’m a total perfectionist
  • I watch way too much TV and I would have to rate Breaking Bad as one of the best TV series ever made.  I even got myself a pair of Breaking Bad Chuck Taylors in the US, safe to say they are proving too precious to wear also.
  • I love all things vintage and vintage styled shoots.
  • I like to keep fit and active with regular running and aerobics. I really do have a love hate relationship with running however.
  • My favourite food would have to be pasta and most things Italian.
  • I hate having my own photo taken and for some reason probably thought that being a photographer would get me out of this.  I am rather self conscious myself,  so I know how most of my subjects must feel {the people, not the dogs}

Well that’s a bit about me.  I would love to hear all about you and be able to share in some of your stories too.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my services or if you would like to book me to photograph your pet or wedding.