Wedding Photography Inspiration

This week I attended a pro photography seminar on wedding photography where there were 3 guest speakers – Hilary Wardhaugh, Dan O’Day and Samm Blake all of who shared their knowledge of working in the industry with the aim to inspire us all.  Well inspire they definitely did, talk about wanting to get those creative juices flowing! With this blog post I wanted to touch on some of what was talked about to get us inspired (I will blog about the client stuff later) and I thought if I put this all down in writing it will help to encourage me to get started on some new creative outlets and start a plan of action.

Being a photographer is being an artist and we always need to find ways to “exercise the creative”.  We do this by finding things that inspire and influence us and using these to explore, develop and deliver our originality. By always being “switched on” – aware of our surroundings and situations…SEEING…and how we can represent this through photography – we will be able to define our style, incorporate our personality and as a result stand out from the crowd.  Really makes you think huh?  Thanks to Samm I have some great little tasks to take away with me and do in my own time.  For example (and this is one which would be great for anyone who likes to set goals) 101 images that represent the things in life you want to do or achieve…think inspiration board. Make a collage and print it out and have it framed on your wall.  This will always act as a reminder and will encourage you to do the things you want to do and reward you for what you have done. Plus it’s something fun and challenging – see how long it will take you to get to 101 things.

One key message was, that in doing all these little things (and I say little as they don’t have to be big or complex projects) you will get to know your true self and in turn be true to yourself. You will be encouraged to follow your heart and this will then come through in your imagery.  I must admit I feel so empowered just writing about this, so just imagine what it will feel like to get out and do it.  At the end of the day it’s about ALWAYS shooting, experimenting and pushing yourself to create better imagery.

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